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Gourmet Burgers & Craft Beer in the heart of historic Downtown Boulder City. Come Hungry. Come Thirsty.

Photos by robert a. booey

In business since 2011, The Dillinger has become a staple of the Boulder City Food & Beverage scene. Our menu takes a creative approach to true American classics- offering a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches and salads with an emphasis on freshness and quality. Our burger patties are never frozen, hand-pressed daily and cooked by people who know how a burger should be cooked. And these aren't just your average burgers- these are serious Gourmet Burgers like The Baron, which is topped with jack cheese, thinly sliced pastrami and our very own bleu cheese coleslaw... our burgers will beat up your burgers. If you find yourself in the mood for lighter fare, we’ve got you covered with a delicious and inventive array of salads, wraps or possibly our fire-roasted artichoke with home-made smoked chipotle aioli that provides just the right amount of sweet and heat. You know your food is good when it's voted "Best of Las Vegas" even though it's not in Las Vegas.  

Our formula for a successful restaurant is simple- great food and friendly service in a comfortable environment. Housed inside the historic Bank of Nevada building, The Dillinger takes its design cues from it’s namesake, the infamous bank robber John Dillinger. Twin shotgun door handles set the tone as you walk into a space that is dark yet inviting. Talented design firm Punch Architecture helped to create an atmosphere that strikes a perfect balance between warmth and strength, with rugged charm set against wood, steel, and concrete. Our team at The Dillinger, several of whom have been with us from the day we opened our doors, completes the experience by providing a friendly atmosphere that feels like home.

And that pretty much sums us up: Great Food, Rugged Comfort, and Family.






1224 Arizona Street
Boulder City, NV 89005




7 Days/Week

Beer & Whiskey

Nothing pairs better with one of our burgers than an ice cold barley brew. And if whiskey is more your speed, we've got the most extensive (and impressive) selection in town. Seriously. We have bottles on our shelf that you'd be hard pressed to track down at even the swankiest of hooch halls. And you don't need a three piece suit to sit at our bar.



Bluffing Isn’t Weisse
Bad Beat Brewing ⬩ NV
5.1% ABV ⬩ Hefeweizen
Wheaty with a smooth, silky mouthfeel. Banana and clove very present both on the nose and palate.

CraftHaus Brewing ⬩ NV
6.5% ABV ⬩ American IPA
Starts with slight, sweet caramel Malt immediately balanced with a piney, resiny Hoppiness.

Magic Hat Brewing Company ⬩ VT
5.1% ABV ⬩ Fruited American Pale Ale
Faint Hops and Apricot on the nose. Crisp and effervescent with a clean Hop finish and lingering Apricot, especially noticeable with a slight exhale through the nose after a swig.

Dead Guy Ale
Rogue Ales ⬩ OR
6.8% ABV ⬩ Maibock/Helles Bock
Rich, toffee Maltiness balanced with earthiness and a faint Hop finish. This is a favorite amongst our staff for a good reason.

Wyder’s Prickly Pineapple Cider
Vermont Cider Company ⬩ VT
5% ABV ⬩ Hard Cider
This playful cider features Prickly Pear Fruit and Pineapple. Sweet and tart with light carbonation. This is an easy drinker for a hot day, and we’ve got more than our fair share of hot days.

Pabst Blue Ribbon
Pabst Brewing Company ⬩ CA
4.74% ABV ⬩ American Adjunct Lager
Corny, Bready, Faint Grassy Hop Finish. Simple, classic American Adjunct Lager. This is definitely your Dad’s beer.




Angry Orchard
Black Butte
Blue Moon
Bud Light
Coors Light
Corona Light
Delirium Tremens
Dogfish Head 90 Min
Dogfish Head 120 Min
Dogfish Head Burton Baton
Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout
Estrella Daura
Fat Tire
Great White
Michelob Ultra
Miller Light
Mirror Pond
New Castle
Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Stella Artois





Ardbeg 10yr
Bulleit Bourbon
Bulleit Rye
Chivas Regal
Crown Royal
Deadwood Rye
Dewars White Label
Four Roses
Glenfiddich 12yr
Glenlivet 12yr
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Honey
Gentleman Jack
Jack Daniels Single Barrel
Jack Ryan
Jameson Black Label
Jameson Gold Reserve
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Red Stag
Johnny Walker Red
Johnny Walker Black
Knob Creek Bourbon
Knob Creek Rye
Leopold Brothers
Maker's 46
Maker's Mark
Martlach Rare Old
McCallan 12yr
Nevada Wheat Whiskey
Noah's Mill
Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr
Pendleton 1910 Rye
Seagrams 7
Seagrams VO
Southwell 12yr
Stagg Jr.
Templeton Rye
The Yamazaki
Whistle Pig Rye 10yr
Wild Turkey 81
Wild Turkey 101
Wild Turkey Spiced
Willet Burbon
Willet Rye
Woodford Reserve


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